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Wim Huson

Wim Huson was one of the founders of USE2ACES. Wim has a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering from the Technical University Delft. He is a graduate of the EPNER test pilot course at Istres, France, one of the four major test pilot schools in the world. After his time at Fokker he flew for 7 years as a commander MD-11 in world wide passenger and cargo operations. He has extensive experience working for Fokker Aircraft as (chief) test pilot. Wim has experience working for the Civil Aviation Authority of the Netherlands. He now represents some 35 years of experience in design, evaluation, testing, certification and operation of aircraft, flight-decks and systems. Wim currently acts as chairman of the External Experts Advisory Group [EEAG] of the European Union FP 7 programme ALICIA and ACROSS research projects. In the FP6 programme FLYSAFE research project he chaired the EEAG as well.